1 - General conditions

By accessing and making purchases at the Online Store Adrenaline, the User/Customer get know and accepts without reservation the following Terms of Access and Use:

1.1 - Definitions

By Online Store, below referred like Store, means the website of E-Commerce for the supply of products available on the web page for by Trofal SA, based in Road Ribafria Apartado 47 - 18, 2475-901 Benedita.

By User / Client, hereinafter referred to as a Customer, means a person who, prior and must be registered in the application process available in the store, concludes a process of Order / Purchase.

By User / Non-Client, referred to as User means any visitor to the store and are not registered to carry out orders as a Customer, but has the possibility to browse the store, display products to one or more friends and, if desired, subscribe the newsletter of the Store.

By Order / Buy, below designated as Ordering, means the process that, after completion, leads to the established legal transaction between the Store and Customer, and to that, be strictly adhered to the 3 steps and requirements for that can consider the order placed successfully:

• Step 1 - Adding items to Cart;
• Step 2 - Confirm Shipping Address;
• Step 3 - Selection Mode and Submission of Payment Order.

For Product Catalog / Items below designated as catalog, means the display on the Website of the items available for sale, in the form of a list, or individually, with or without picture and description, and may be in some cases present characteristics or options that of choice for the customer and in other cases, they constitute unique pieces, without any choice or change.

Newsletter means sending Direct Mail for information about news, promotions or other information deemed relevant to the relationship of users with the store, and, necessarily, that there is an acceptance or endorsement expressed by Customers or users, so they can appear on the membership list for sending newsletters.

1.2 - Basics Shop

The store is intended to supply products to Internet users who want it pay for their purchases, taking advantage of the exceptional circumstances relating to trade online, including the ability to receive orders at home or another place indicated, with prepayment or against the delivery of the item or items ordered.

1.3 - Contents and Information provided in the Store
The information and content available to users of the
Store, including text, images and other visual elements are the exclusive property of the store.
You should regularly consult the Terms of Use or other rules, since even the continued use of
Store assumes acceptance without reservations of the changes made to the same rules and submission to the most recent.

1.4 - Customer Registration
To make shopping in our store, you must be registered. Registration involves filling out a single time, in a form with your personal data by choosing at the time a password, which should keep strictly confidential.

2 - Responsibilities
2.1 - Responsibilities of the User and / or Client
It is the duty of the
user and / or client to act in good faith in the various actions that can run from the store, respecting all applicable laws, particularly with regard to the Civil and Commercial Code of Copyright and Related Rights, Industrial Property and Computer Crimes Act.

Customer is responsible for making decisions regarding the act of Order/Purchase, based on information available at the store.

When you make the
register your choose a password, that you can change whenever it deems necessary, and is fully responsible for preserving it and its safe use. The misuse of it is the sole responsibility of Customer.

Customer, taking the decision to initiate a process of delivery of one or more articles available on the site, recognize that you are solely responsible for the actions of buying trigger.

Notwithstanding these procedures under the Order, the administration of the Store reserves the right to telephone confirmation of the Order, through the phone numbers provided by the Customer.
The registration and identification and management of the
Client Area, you acknowledge being responsible for the creation, modification and maintenance of identification including password or other security mechanisms, including the applicants of your current Internet access.
User and / or Customer undertakes to comply with these Terms of Use and assume responsibility for damages resulting from breach of the conditions set out here.

2.2 - Responsibilities of the Store
Adrenaline is not responsible for any delay, suspension or interruption in the supply of articles caused by problems beyond his control.

3. Delivery Conditions
The orders will be delivered anywhere in the Portuguese territory (mainland and islands) by a carrier designated by the company according the characteristics of items being shipped, including size, weight or value in question, but always under the choice of our services or through the service delivery of CTT.
The Order will be sent to the address given for delivery.
Orders are shipped, unless compelling reasons, up to 4 days after the order, where the products are available for delivery.
The value of the postage and shipping are paid by the client.

4. Payment
At the time of purchase (completion of the
Order), you are then asked which payment method you prefer.
Payments may be made by Submission to Recovery, or Bank Transfer.

Bank Transfer:
The order will be processed after confirmation of the transaction and will be sent by carrier or through the service delivery of CTT.

Submission to Recovery:
The order will be sent by a carrier or through the service delivery of CTT.
By raising your Order, you can make payment in 2 ways: in cash or check. In case of payment by check, it should be passed to the order of Trofal – Fábrica de Calçado S.A.

5. Right of Return, Exchange, resolution or cancellation
If the customer want to change or cancel your order, it should be done within a period not exceeding 24h00 after submitting it and, provided it has not already been shipped.
Changes to the Order must be made by calling or e-mail by using one of the addresses available in Contacts, referring to the Code of Order and changes to be made. Any changes requested by mail require telephone confirmation.
If the Order has already been issued, can not be accepted changes.
Discards or resolution of the Contract may be made only in the following situations:

• Up to 8 days after delivery - and to do this must contact by telephone in advance with our services;
• Items should be returned in perfect condition, complete and properly packaged in original packaging without any signs of use;
• The exchange of product / article, return or chargeback money will be made after confirmation by us of the conditions imposed in the preceding paragraph;
• Transportation costs related to the return are the sole responsibility of

6. Product Features
The characteristics of the products are always described in the catalog and accessible in the 1st step of the
Order, that is, when you add to Cart.
The photos, your shades, sizes and formats may eventually not fully meet the sizes described settings, intended to represent as faithfully as possible the characteristics of each article.
Addition, the fact that due to differences of the characteristics of hardware and software computer
Visitor/Customer shades usually differ depending on the type of monitor in use by visitors/customers.
The features or characteristics of items are subject to change without notice.

7. Validity of Rates
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Prices are valid until the time of submission of the
Order. Even if there is further increase, the outstanding orders will be processed to the values contained in the document submitted by the Order, except as provided in the following paragraph.

8. By lack of Stock
Articles published for sale in the Store are limited to existing stock, although not indicated levels or quantities in stock in the store.
The Store is not responsible for the supply of articles by lack of Stock.

9. Guarantees
Articles or products sold in the store have a guarantee in accordance with the terms taken as appropriate for the type of items sold.
Not accept any compensation for damage to person or property which may be caused directly or indirectly by the articles sold.
The careless use of the same or consequences from the use of ill-treatment are not considered for collateral.
If the shipment is approved with signs of deterioration / abuse the customer must make a reservation in their document and inform the Adrenaline.
The warranty period is appropriate and legally enforceable against manufacturing defects and shall enter into force after the date of sale product.
The repair or replacement of products / items will be made primarily (and free in case of warranty) in our services.
Are the responsibility of the customer the costs of transport of sending items to our facility.
The products / items immediately lose the warranty if make modifications or changes caused by others or if it is repaired by someone not authorized by us.

10. Newsletter Subscription and Sending Direct Mail
The statement by the
Customer that you wish to receive information via Direct Mail is always given in a positive way, it has to express the wish upon registration or subsequently, by subscription the Newsletter proper place for this purpose, starting to appear on a list of e-mail to send e-mail.
user can also subscribe the newsletter by registering in a proper place for this purpose (from the initial page of the Store).
Even for the
Newsletter available to existing customers of the Seller, the data of registered users or clients will never be used unless they have expressed in the proper place for this purpose (at time of registration or for the subscription of the Newsletter ).
Sending Direct Mail is only and exclusively to send information relevant and specific to you or registered user in order to keep you informed about the existence of new items or special promotions relevant and visible.

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms of Use shall be governed by Portuguese law and jurisdiction, whether it applies to domestic or international.
Simple access to and use of Online Store necessarily implies acceptance of all conditions imposed in these Terms of Use.
Both parties,
Client / User and the Store, agree now and waiving any other, the court of the District of Alcobaça, to resolve any dispute arising out of legal transaction subject to these conditions of use.




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