Goodyear Welted


 The traditional manufacturing method "Goodyear Welted" is known for its comfort, breath ability, flexibility, protection from heat and cold, durability, easy repairing which Trofal guarantees. 




Manufacturing Process



01 » Raw material selection

In Trofal there is a strict control on the leathers and other components used in order to ensure that they are the most adequate for each type of shoe.

02 » Cutting

The leathers must be cut by a highly skilled craftsman. Each piece is cut in the most adequate area of the leather in order to be correctly moulded to the shape of the foot.

03 » Stitching

All the cut pieces are joined together and stitched as a whole to form the upper part of the shoe.

04 » Assembly

The upper part, already sewed, is lasted with the foot configuration where it is joined with the vegetable leather insole with the napped grain previously prepared to stitch.
Next is the Insole Stitching where the insole is joined to the upper part of the shoe and to a strip of leather called Welt. The space below the insole with about 4mm of height, is filled with flexible cork which helps the foot adapt to the shoe and simultaneously absorbs perspiration. The sole is then stitched to the welt with natural threads. The sole and heel are then prepared as well as is the removing of the shoe from the last.

05 » Finish

The border of the shoe is then painted with ecological paint and the tread is prepared with natural wax, while the upper part of the shoe is polished with wool brushes to give it a soft and uniform touch. After a final and strict inspection, the shoes are then packaged in the appropriate boxes with the possibility of including accessories for better maintenance


» Beneficts of Goodyear Welted Shoes produced


  The Goodyear construction allows for a special comfort. The insole adapts to the foot while it filters perspiration isolating the foot thermally from adverse factors.

The resistance and durability of the Trofal footwear is substantially greater using this system rather than others. It allows easy repairing that will prolong the life of the shoes for many years.


The Guarantee


There are some cares you should have with your shoes because they made of natural materials. Goodyear footwear made by Trofal can be completely reconstructed by the craftsman who manufactured them.

The more use shoes have the more comfort they bring because they adapt anatomically to the foot. If you have any problem with the shoes, take them to the place of purchase where the shoes will be sent to the factory in Benedita for repairs.


Some tips to help you to protect your investment:


» Clean the footwear with a damp cloth or brush, then apply a high quality shoe polish

» Clean the shoes regularly after use, removing all dirt. Nubuk should be cleaned with a damp cloth using hot water and soap. 

» Suede should be cleaned with an appropriate brush.

 » Polished shoes should be cleaned with a damp cloth and polished with polishing after they are dry.

» Never dry footwear by exposing it to direct heat.

» Let it dry naturally, because direct heat damages natural leather.

 » If you use the shoes actively and perspire a lot, let them dry at least one day so that the drying of the perspiration through the insole and the cork may be done completely prolonging the life and durability of your shoes.




Pratik / Stitchdown Alternative


Using the same raw material, the same cutting and the same stitching, the upper part of the shoe is assembled directly to the insole being also directly stitched to through resulting in an economical alternative to Goodyear.




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